Republican Governors Association: Stacey Whoever is Wrong for Georgia #gagop

The Republican Governors Association (RGA) has gone on the offensive against both Democratic gubernatorial candidates Stacey Abrams and Stacey Evans. They have launched a radio ad and a digital campaign highlighting the two Stacey’s support for tax hikes and big government programs.

The RGA has a website set up at that will be a hub for the digital campaign. You can also listen to the radio ad there.

RGA Communications Director Jon Thompson:

“If elected, Stacey Whoever has made it clear that they would back a far-left agenda that includes more big government spending and tax hikes on Georgians. In the midst of a divisive and nasty Democrat primary, one thing is clear: Stacey Whoever is wrong for Georgia.”


Lady 1 (L1): Hey did you hear about that liberal Democrat running for governor?

Lady 2 (L2): No, who?

L1: Stacey… Stacey something.

L2: Well what about her?

L1: Well she’s a real liberal.

L2: Really?

L1: Yeah. State Representative from up around Atlanta.

L2: Oh great, another politician.

L1: Stacey was for Hillary.

L2: Uh-oh, that says a lot right there.

L1: Well, she’s a fancy lawyer too from what I’ve heard.

L2: Who? Stacey?

L1: Yeah, made a load of money off of it.

L2: Well not surprising, a lawyer, a politician, sounds about right.

L1: Stacey is pushing for more big government programs.

L2: Let me guess, she supported higher taxes too?

L1: Yep, even wants to expand Obamacare.

L2: And make us pay for it, how about that?

L1: Just what we need, another politician taking more of our money.

L2: You said her name is Stacey right?

L1: Yep.

L2: Stacey who?

L1: Uhh… I can’t remember now, it’ll come to me.

L2: Oh well, it doesn’t matter, Stacey whoever is wrong for Georgia.

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Seems like it would be a less useful strategy once the primary is over.


I read the post title and my first thought was – “What is Ed posting now?” before I saw it was Lawton who wrote it. I don’t know if sounding like Ed is a good or a bad thing for the RGA.


It’s all just chum in the water. There used to be some substance mixed in, but now it’s all bumper sticker slogans and Outrage Generator Triggers ™. People have to demand better. Reject this kind of BS.