Kemp Launches First Campaign Ad: Promises to Track & Deport Criminal Aliens

SOS Brian Kemp has released his first campaign commercial today entitled “Track and Deport.” The ad touts Kemp’s record on fighting against Obama’s Justice Department and “left wing groups” that attempted to undermine elections in Georgia.


“As Secretary of State, I fought Barack Obama, Stacey Abrams, and the ACLU to stop voter fraud and prevent illegals from voting. As governor, I will fight to keep hardworking Georgians safe by supporting President Trump’s plan to secure the border, defund sanctuary cities, and create a comprehensive database to track and immediately deport criminal aliens.

I’m ready to tackle illegal immigration and take on the criminal aliens that are terrorizing our state. It’s time to put hardworking Georgians first.”


Kemp: “Kate Steinle, Edwin Jackson, and The Cannon Family. All killed by illegal immigrants. Donald Trump is right – we must secure the border and end sanctuary cities.”

VO: “As Secretary of State, Brian Kemp fought Obama twice and won to stop illegal immigrants from voting.”

Kemp: “I’ll do the same as your governor. I’ll enforce the ban on sanctuary cities and track and immediately deport all criminal aliens so our kids don’t become the next victims.”

VO: “Conservative businessman Brian Kemp for governor.”


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