Here’s Your GA Senate Crossover Day Cheat Sheet

Well, here we are, on Crossover Day Eve. Many of our “friends in the hall” will have trouble sleeping, wondering if Santa will bring them their wish list, or if tomorrow will bring coal in their stockings – and leave them scrambling among the motor pool for a vehicle to raise their issue from the dead like it was on a soundstage in Senoia.

The Senate Rules Committee has distributed it’s bills that are cleared to be on the floor tomorrow. Note, just because a bill is open for consideration doesn’t mean it will be called up.

Further note: The tax reform bill containing the jet fuel tax break has already passed the House. Don’t expect it’s final fate to necessarily be decided tomorrow.

With all that noted, here’s the Senate’s current list of bills on the floor tomorrow, February 28th:
1. SB 39 – Pimping and Pandering; increase the penalty provisions (Substitute) (JUDY-45th)

2. SB 228 – Motor Vehicles; criminal offense and minimum fines for improper operation of an authorized emergency or law enforcement vehicle; provide (Substitute) (PUB SAF-29th)

3. SB 232 – “Facilitating Internet Broadband Rural Expansion (FIBRE) Act”‘; enact (Substitute) (RI&U-51st)

4. SB 236 –Driving Under the Influence; county department of family and children services be notified; endangering; require (Substitute) (JUDY-35th)

5. SB 264 –Board of Commissioners for Rockdale County; membership; reconstitute (Substitute) (SLGO(G)-17th)

6. SB 318 – Mental Health; involuntary evaluation and treatment based on consultation with paramedic; execution of a physician’s certificate for emergency examination; provide (Substitute) (H&HS-33rd)

7. SB 335 – Trafficking of Persons for Labor; offense of trafficking an individual for sexual servitude; expand (JUDY-45th)

8. SB 336 – Georgia Bureau of Investigation; general provisions; subpoena issued for production of electronic communication; not provide notice to the subscriber (Substitute) (JUDY-45th)

9. SB 349 – Notaries Public; identification of persons evidenced satisfactorily by a valid Veterans Health Identification Card; provide (SJUDY-2nd)

10. SB 351 – Nurses; advanced nursing practice; provisions; revise (Substitute) (H&HS-45th)

11. SB 354 – Technical College System of Georgia; classify certain active duty service members as in-state for tuition purposes; require (Substitute) (H ED-2nd)

12. SB 358 – Counties/Municipal Corporations; establishment of banking improvement zones; agreement for deposit of public funds; provide (Substitute) (B&FI-33rd)

13. SB 359 – “Consumer Coverage and Protection for Out-of-Network Medical Care Act” (Substitute) (H&HS-52nd)

14. SB 382 – Optometrists guidance and consultation by the Department of Public Health; provide (Substitute) (H&HS-9th)

15. SB 385 – Solid Waste Disposal Facilities; surcharge imposed by host local governments; change (Substitute) (NR&E-25th)

16. SB 386 – Sales and Use Taxes; exception to the ceiling on local sales and use taxes; transit special purpose local option sale and use tax; provide; Atlanta-region Transit Link “ATL” Commission; create (Substitute) (TRANS-21st)

17. SB 391 – State Road and Tollway Authority; requirements relating to identification and regulation of motor vehicles; exempt transit services buses, motor vehicles, and rapid rail systems (TRANS-21st)

18. SB 396 – Telephone System For Physically Impaired; state-wide dual party relay service and audible universal information access service; change provisions (RI&U-48th)

19. SB 401 – Individual Graduation Plans; guidance in career oriented aptitudes and career interest; provide (Substitute) (ED&Y-37th)

20. SB 403 – Primaries and Elections; uniform election equipment in this state; provide (Substitute) (ETHICS-14th)

21. SB 404 – Public Water Systems; charging or assessing a separate fee for standby water service for fire sprinkler system connections; prohibit county, municipal and other public water systems (Substitute) (NR&E-28th)

22. SB 411 – Georgia Commission on African American History and Culture; create (UAff-2nd)

23. SB 414 – Charitable Solicitations; local governing authorities to issue written notices for failure to clean and maintain collection receptacles; allow (SLGO(G)-37th)

24. SB 418 – Selling and Trade Practices; banning the sales of goods, products, or items regulated; sold at property zoned retail establishments; prohibit county, municipal and consolidated governments (AG&CA-50th)

25. SB 420 – Health; health clubs have at least one functional automated external defibrillator on site at such facility; require (Substitute) (H&HS-33rd)

26. SB 425 – Professional Land Surveyors; provisions; change (Substitute) (RI&U-51st)

27. SB 426 – “Broadband Infrastructure Leads to Development (BILD) Act” (Substitute) (RI&U-51st)

28. SB 430 – Elections; compensation of various local government officials; modify (SLGO(G)-28th)

29. SB 431 – Liability Not Limited; effect of an owner of land charging an admission price or fee; provisions; clarify (JUDY-19th)

30. SB 435 – School Buses; civil monetary penalties regarding violations of the duties of a driver; enforcement; revise (Substitute) (PUB SAF -21st)

31. SB 436 – Probate Courts; general provisions; change and modernize (JUDY-17th)

32. SB 437 – Resuscitate; parental requirement for consent; revise (Substitute) (H&HS-54th)

33. SB 444 – Georgia Alzheimer’s and related Dementias state Plan Advisory Council; create (H&HS-45th)

34. SB 450 – Unlawful Enticement of Game; hunting in vicinity of feed or bait; remove definitions (NR&E-54th)

35. SB 451 – State Soil and Water Conservation Commission; formulate certain rules and regulations in consultation with Environmental Protection Division of the Dept. Of Natural Resources; remove authority (Substitute) (AG&CA-20th)

36. SB 453 – Local Government; limit the distance between the new municipal corporations and existing municipal corporations; requirements for active municipalities; modify (Substitute) (SLGO(G)-19th)

37. SB 457 – School Safety Plans; conduct drills on the execution of school safety plans based on guidance from Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency; require (ED&Y-38th)

38. SB 460 – “Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority Act of 1965”; adoption of a logo and brand to include the term “ATL” by such Authority by certain date; provide (Substitute) (TRANS-21st)

39. SB 461 – Barbers and Cosmetologists; provisions; change (Substitute) (JUDY-23rd)

40. SB 463 – Electric Motor Vehicles; exception for certain manufacturers; restrictions on the ownership, operation, and control of motor vehicle dealerships; provide (Substitute) (ED&T-30th)

41. SR 149 – Childhood Cancer Awareness Day; designate September 1 (RULES -27th)

42. SR 537 – State Property; unauthorized vehicular traffic; provide closure (Substitute) (SI&P-21st)

43. SR 681 – U.S. Congress; propose the Parental Rights Amendment to the states for ratification; encourage (RULES-16th)

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