Speaker Ralston: About That Jet Fuel Tax Break…Not So Fast

Last week, the Georgia House passed a tax reform package that headlined with a reduction of Georgia’s income tax rates but also included the elimination of jet fuel taxes – a trophy long sought by Delta Airlines. Over the weekend, Delta decided to end a contract with the NRA. Speaker Ralston has now gone on the record with a “hint” of where the jet fuel tax stands as it sits awaiting action in the Senate:

“I am disappointed that certain corporations have chosen to engage in a sensitive debate by vilifying law-abiding supporters of Second Amendment rights. Likewise, I am troubled that this information was not made public until after the House of Representatives passed our comprehensive tax reform measure, HB 918.

As we know, HB 918 now sits in the Senate. The Senate may amend that bill as it moves through their chamber. I trust they, along with the Lt. Governor, will carefully consider the appropriate course of action.”

Expect an amendment in the Senate, and agreement in the House, to strip the jet fuel position from the tax reform bill.


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