Sen. McKoon Demands Barrow to Reject Endorsement

Sen. Josh McKoon, a Republican candidate for Secretary of State, issued a demand today that John Barrow, former GA-12 congressman, to reject the endorsement he received from Bee Nguyen for Barrow’s Secretary of State run. Nguyen had previously endorsed a tweet hoping that McKoon would die of a heart attack.

Sen. McKoon:

“Today I am demanding Democrat John Barrow run his campaign the same way I will run the Georgia’s Secretary of State office – with integrity and accountability. Bee Nguyen publically endorsed a tweet that wished me dead, so to see Barrow accept her endorsement today was disheartening to say the least. Instead of following Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi’s political playbook, Barrow needs to reject endorsements from radical progressive politicians like Nguyen and show voters that her disgusting and hateful rhetoric have absolutely no place in Georgia politics.”


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