Monday Morning Reads – Feb 12

Happy Monday, everyone! Last weekend was dominated by the American media drooling over North Korea. Weird.

News by the Numbers

  • 21 cheerleaders – In 2006, North Korea sent 21 cheerleaders to prison camps after they spoke about life in South Korea. But you need to get past the AJC drooling over North Korea before you read it. Here is a guide to North Korea atrocities.
  • 2 medals – Team USA has two medals, one gold, and one silver. You can check that link for an updated count.
  • 37,734 “noncriminal” arrests – Arrests of illegal immigrants skyrocketed under President Trump. Rather than prioritizing high-level targets, all illegal immigrants are at risk of deportation. Also, I look forward to the inevitable argument over “noncriminal” in the comments section.
  • 6,000 jobs – The PSC unanimously agreed to continue construction on Plant Vogtle despite it being, well, a giant money pit. It came with a crevet: Congress extend the nuclear tax credit. They extended it. Now 6,000 jobs at Plant Vogtle are protected and ratepayers are still screwed.
  • $111 million per year – Clayton County school superintendent Morcease Beasley has a problem with HB 821, a bill that would, among other things, eliminate the sales tax on jet fuel (LOOKING AT YOU DELTA.) He argues it would take away from education funding. Chris Riley argues otherwise.
  • 66 deaths – This year’s flu severity is tied with the Swine flu. That’s not good. Of those 66 deaths in Georgia, two were children.

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