Atlanta’s Traffic Now Costs Us $7.1 Billion

There’s the high cost that’s obviously bad but most distressingly, we remain stuck as the nation’s fourth-most congested city and eighth-most in the world. This is despite my impassioned plea for us to climb up to number 1.  

But worry not, Atlantans! The cost per driver of our congestion rose to $2,212.

From the INRIX press release:

“Congestion costs the U.S. hundreds of billions of dollars, and threatens future economic growth and lowers our quality of life,” said Dr. Graham Cookson, Chief Economist at INRIX. “If we’re to avoid traffic congestion becoming a further drain on our economy, we must invest in intelligent transportation systems to tackle our mobility challenges.”

L.A. has the honor of being number one in both rankings.

Meanwhile, the $2-billion boneheaded idea of a separate highway for trucks seems to be our most visionary plan to get us out of this mess. 



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