Kemp Claims Those who want Paper Ballots are Tearing Down Georgia Institutions

This is a busy time for political nerds. Because the state legislature is in session, we want to know immediately when bills are filed, when language is replaced, and who will be cosponsoring. It’s in our blood. For everyone else, it’s just flu season, unless you’re one of the four people in the state who supports the New England Patriots or the Philadelphia Eagles, and then you’re probably all in on sports news. Oh, and Chipper’s in the Hall of Fame. I cared about baseball again yesterday for an hour, and then… nothing again. Recent iterations of the Braves (more so the management) ruined it for me.

Of course, who none of us are paying attention to are the poor, neglected candidates for governor. Why must everyone be focused on legislative issues? What are they to do with all of this downtime with the spotlight focused elsewhere?

If you’re Brian Kemp, naturally, you call up Tamar Hallerman, Greg Bluestein, and Jim Galloway to try to ruffle the feathers of a fellow candidate and at the same time insult several members of the state legislature, and by extension, many unelected citizens of Georgia.

For the uninitiated, I’ll catch you up.

Our voting machines are 16 years old. They are no longer secure. This happens with outdated technology. Voter rolls have been breached more than once in the past three years. This happens with lackadaisical care toward sensitive data. It’s the way of the world.

Old technology must be replaced. Security must be a priority. New methods will develop that will prove things we once believed to be “unhackable” are now as unsinkable as the Titanic. These must be addressed. I’ve written about it. Nathan has written about it. LaDawn has written about it. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has written exhaustively about it. Other outlets in the state and throughout the country have written about it. It’s to the point where only someone who took it as a personal affront would be unable to admit that it was time to learn from mistakes, update the system, and move on. That man is embarrassingly our current Secretary of State, Brian Kemp.

In response to the introduction of the bipartisan H.B. 641, which would require the state to purchase machines that include paper ballots, Kemp has said of supporters (specifically, but not limited to, his opponent in the race for governor, Casey Cagle) that they are “sid(ing) with the radical left to tear down Georgia and our institutions,” and that they are “misinformed,” “craven,” and “conspiracy theorists.”

In other words, we’re anti-Georgian, anti-American, and probably anti-Christian. Because, you know, we think a paper ballot trail is a good idea.

Seventy percent of all localities in the United States have paper trails because it’s a check for accuracy. But, never mind that. Kemp wants you to believe those of us who support this check are part of the lunatic fringe. He doesn’t offer a reason as to why voters shouldn’t want this check, which ultimately says more than all of the wacky things he did say.

Also, if wanting a paper trail makes Kemp see me as a pinko commie, well, fine. I see it as being a proponent of accuracy and accountability in our governmental institutions. Your mileage may vary.

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Will Durant
Will Durant

Yanno, Cagle doesn’t exactly warm the cockles of my heart, what with his own cockle issues and all but… Brian Kemp? Michael Williams? Geez Republicans.


I saw a Hunter Hill sign today in Oconee, a big one.

Kemp is a waste of oxygen. I’m surprised he didn’t mention Pelosi.

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

Kemp’s quote, “Is Casey Cagle that desperate for higher office that he would side with the radical left to tear down Georgia and our institutions? This decision needs to be made with input from legislators, county election officials, Georgia voters and the Secretary of State – not conspiracy theorists or misinformed, craven candidates for higher office.” caught my eye too. It was my intention to cite it in a comment to a general post on the Gov’s race.


Lester Dolt Duped! Lol! I know I’m surprised!!
Sorry for wrong location.


Kemp is a lightweight and I have no idea what he is doing in the governor’s race in the first place.


I don’t see anywhere in the Georgia constitution that says “radical leftists” aren’t entitled to the same rights and privileges as other citizens of Georgia.

Politics is not a team sport. Can we start electing candidates who are willing to represent everyone, not just their base?

Will Durant
Will Durant

Actually the US Supreme Court once determined that the wrong party affiliation could allow the State to deprive a citizen of both their civil rights and their freedom. Junius Scales was convicted solely of being a member of the Communist Party in the McCarthy era. A conviction that was upheld by our highest court. In theory we have freedom of speech and the right to assemble peacefully, etc. In practice your mileage may vary. Lummocks like Kemp reciting his doggerel have this freedom, others not so much. I’ve also stated that the insanity of treating our election of government officials… Read more »