Monday Morning Reads — Jan 22, 2018

Happy Monday, everyone! Netflix released season four of Grace & Frankie. You’re welcome.

News by the Numbers

  • $14 billion – The federal government gives Georgia billions to for its state agencies. Now that the government is shutdown, Governor Deal made it clear the state will not step in to fund those programs.
  • 6 percent – Finally, we have statistics on teenage sex in Georgia! More teenagers are having sex today than they were 10 years ago.
  • 2 days – The shutdown and you!
  • 5 Republican candidates – Savannah hosted the first gubernatorial debate of 2018. Candidates expressed differences ranging from Georgia’s state income tax to Amazon to offshore drilling.
  • 60 percent more meat – McDonalds, meet the King, Burger. That’s right, Burger King has announced its new quarter pounder. It’s a sizable increase from its already unusually large whooper. Fast food junkies rejoice!
  • 1,000 poor souls – This might be the worst idea since landing the Hindenburg during a lightning storm. The city manager of a small town in Maine wants to segregate people by race and religion. And he refuses to resign.
  • 24th SAG Awards – For those of you who enjoy good movies, here’s the list of winners from this year’s SAG Awards. My only complaint: Timothee Chalamet should have won Best Actor for Call Me By Your Name.



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