Poll: Georgians Believe State Is On Right Track

The AJC has a poll out this morning and headlined it with Donald Trump’s popularity.  That generates clicks, but Trump isn’t on the ballot in 2018.  Georgia’s statewide constitutional offices are, as are all members of the Georgia General Assembly.  The spots for Governor, Lt Governor, Secretary of State, Insurance Commissioner, and a PSC Member will be without an incumbent.  As such, Georgia will see changes in leadership that have the ability to affect the direction of the state.

A pointed note to candidates, and the consultants encouraging them to run anti-establishment campaigns that belittle the accomplishments since the great recession:  A supermajority of Georgians believe the state is on the right track, according to this poll:

“…And 64 percent of voters are satisfied with the direction of the state; only 8 percent said they were very dissatisfied.

Shantae Martin, a 29-year-old logistics specialist from Lithonia, illustrates that federal-state divide. She said she’s furious with politics in Washington and accused politicians of following “their own objectives instead of the big picture.

“They are too close to the trees to see the forest,” she said. “When you’re that high up in office, you forget about the people.”

But of Georgia politicians, she was generally positive.

“They’re trying to bring jobs back to Georgia,” she said. “They have our interests at heart.”

Yes, the knee jerk reaction by candidates is to appease folks demanding change. Candidates and consultants that lazily assume they are feeding these people solutions they want are missing what folks are saying, and probably need to listen to actual voters more, and some of their consultants a bit less.

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