The Georgia Takeaway from the Doug Jones Victory

The state of Alabama was able to count all of their ballots faster than Fulton County was able to count ballots in a special election run-off.

Alabama, where learning the Three Rs is optional, can count better than we can with one-fifth the number of residents.

Honestly it’s kind of embarrassing.

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I’d also think that our Republican statewide candidates might slowly begin to move away from the Trumpism. Except that candidate that shall not be named.


Anytime that Alabama is better at something than Georgia (except college football) we’re in deep trouble!

Will Durant
Will Durant

There but by the grace of Hartsfield.


That is my cue to mention that Alabama uses a Scantron type of ballot. Yes they are counted by a machine, but there is a paper ballot to audit if necessary.
It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s known technology, it’s relatively inexpensive, and it’s already in widespread use.
Let’s do it.

Dave Bearse
Dave Bearse

Not that I don’t support election technology changes, but results by the next morning are adequate to me, i.e. speed is desirable but it’s not much worth paying a premium for.

The takeaway is that three-quarters of Republicans prefer a candidate twice removed from office for cause followed by credible evidence he was a sexual predator to any Democrat.


RIP Peach Pundit.

Not a single post on here on the State Senate Leadership “Elections”

I guess we shouldn’t hold our breath for Shoe-Tie Gate?????