Monday Morning Reads — December 11

Happy Monday, everybody! Let’s jump into it like it’s a pile of snow.

News by the Numbers

77 percent – of evangelicals believe their religious freedom is becoming more restricted. We are witnessing a change in their tactics. Whereas they once fought against same-sex marriage and its impact on our culture, they are now using courts to protect themselves from the greater culture.

1 day – until voters in Alabama go to the polls in what is possibly the most bizarre race this year. I can’t wait for it to be over.

50 percent – of Georgia’s Republican candidates for governor commented on Moore. Williams and Kemp expressed support while Cagle and Hill refused to comment.

8000 researchers – attended a conference on ethical artificial intelligence. Their mission? Resolve offensive and accidental harms caused by cutting-edge technology. For example, in 2015, Google’s photo facial recognition categorized black faces a guerrillas.

??????? – what is going on with bitcoin. I could write a number but it’d be wrong 20 minutes later.

10 displaced – in today’s edition of “Wow, You’re Stupid!” a woman burned down an apartment building in a (successful?) attempt to kill bed bugs. Seven adults and three teenagers are now without a home.

1000 flights – were cancelled by Delta amid Atlanta’s latest snowy nightmare. The company announced they were back on schedule by Sunday evening.


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