Morning Reads for December 6, 2017

I’ve listened to approximately 373 hours of Christmas music thus far….and I’m just getting warmed up (meaning I haven’t even played Mannheim Steamroller yet).

“Last Christmas” by your girl and mine Taylor Swift.

  1. Georgia State legend (and some say greatest Georgia football player ever) Robert Davis added to Redskins active roster. 
  2. Coke’s $2.6 million grant for GSU.
  3. Did you know Rosalyn Carter went to a private soundcheck with the Ramones? (That she organized for Amy). 
  4. Johnny Isakson’s Delta protection cut from tax bill. 
  5. Sanford BIshop called on to help defeat alleged pedophile Roy Moore. 
  6. Unrelated but can we make #NoLongerReagansParty a thing?
  7. Hank Johnson warns of bill creating a modern-day “sharecropping” system. 
  8. Morehouse, NFL to host social justice symposium. 
  9. Spelman and Morehouse confronting, rather unwillingly on the latter’s part, the #MeToo moment. 
  10. Mark your calendars: Jan 1 is the opening of the new Civil Rights Movement Trail. 

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