Mayor Reed Will Lose this Election for Himself

Yes, Kasim Reed is term-limited but let’s be honest: His hand-picked candidate, Keisha Lance Bottoms, will be Mayor Reed the Second if she is elected.

And right now I doubt she will*.

The slew of endorsements for Mary Norwood from virtually every one of her erstwhile opponents and Mayor Shirley Franklin are stunning–for their anti-Reed sentiment and the radical change in opinion on Norwood.

That leaves only two serious candidates: Kwanza Hall, who endorsed Bottoms, and Vincent Fort. Reed said Fort would be “a disaster” as mayor. The “Bernie-Sanders-style-Democrat” is probably not going to endorse the Republican, methinks.


That’s a stunning record from someone who believed every skirmish needed to end in him scattering the ashes of his opponent no matter how minor the perceived slight. And even more shocking when he started his time in office highlighting his ability to work with Republicans to get stuff done.

It’s really quite a shame. Mayor Reed qua mayor is excellent.

But Mayor Reed qua politician is horrifically bad.

If Mary Norwood wins next Tuesday, Reed will only have himself and his lack of allies to blame.

*I’m voting for Bottoms but only so that a GSU grad can run City Hall.


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