Morning Reads for Election Day!

Good morning! It’s Election Day. Have you voted?

  • October saw record growth for the Port of Savannah.
  • Should the next mayor of Atlanta be black?
    • (How nice of the author to note that one of the candidates is a member of the Junior League of Atlanta, which is well-known for its advocacy efforts.)
  • Why is the CDC “sitting on the sidelines” on the issue of firearms injury research?
  • Meanwhile, in Africa, the CDC stays ahead of a potentially devastating infectious disease.
  • GDOT recently returned more than $4 million in federal funding that was intended for transportation projects.
  • These coal miners are rejecting retraining opportunities because Trump.
  • The world is running out of magnetic tape. If you’ve ever wanted to see a WSJ stipple illustration of a mixtape, this is your link.
  • A coloring book for Atlanta.
  • Many private colleges and universities have healthy endowments. The GOP wants to tax ’em.
    • At Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Ga., which has an endowment of more than $200 million, the president, Elizabeth Kiss, said that most students were minorities and 40 percent had incomes low enough to qualify for federal Pell grants. Because of the endowment, she said, “We are able to give financial aid to basically pretty much all of our students.”
  • We’re back in standard time and whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do we do this to ourselves, again?
  • 25 years of Automatic For The People (with videos).



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