Monday Morning Reads — Spooky Eve Edition

Happy Monday, everyone! Uber Eats just came to Cumming — life is great.

The News in Numbers

84.2 percent – Halloween is stressful. If you give gross candy, then children will rebel against you. Stressful! Thankfully, people have determined Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups have the best chance of satisfying children. You’re welcome.

74 percent – That’s the percent of Americans who think we’re just as divided as we were during the Vietnam War. Go figure Millennials — who weren’t alive during the Vietnam War I might add — were way off when compared to other age groups.

7 challengers – Congressman Woodall has a gaggle of challengers in 2018. It’s well documented that Democrats, who couldn’t win in the 6th District yet now believe they can win in the more conservative 7th District, are revving up for a fight. Woodall rightfully doesn’t seem worried. He’s aiming for to lead the House Budget Committee.

72 trips – Donald Trump is under fire (again) for playing too much golf. It’s fair, because Republicans attacked Obama for his golf trips. Let’s set the record straight: Trump isn’t playing golf with his childhood friends; he’s golfing with politicians and industry leaders and foreign dignitaries. He’s still working (just like Obama was).

60 countries – Were surveyed and the results are less than surprising: Digitization is one of the biggest drivers of economic development and that carefully planned policy is the only way to grow an economy.

12 weeks – Puerto Rico’s government is cancelling a $300 million contract to resort power to the struggling island. The way the contract was awarded is sketchy at best, yet cancelling the contract will delay work by 12 weeks.

2nd in ranking – UGA is now ranked number 2 in the AP poll. It’s the 24th time two SEC schools occupied the top two spots.



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