Cagle Announces Grassroots Leaders and Organization in All GA Counties

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, a Republican candidate for Governor, announced today his leadership organization that includes members from every county of the state. Cagle’s county leadership teams are to be headed by a five-person grassroots advisory team: Former GAGOP Chairwoman Sue Everhart (Chairwoman), Buddy Leger (Co-Chair), Debbie McCord (Co-Chair), Michael McNeely (Co-Chair), and Rose Wing (Co-Chair).

Sue Everhart: “Casey has earned unmatched statewide support as a result of principled conservative leadership. His bold vision for the future of our state is unlike any I have seen in my political career. Casey has been a friend for many years and will be a phenomenal leader as Governor of Georgia.”

Michael McNeely: “We need a Governor who will get the job done for all hardworking Georgians. Casey Cagle is that man. He has years of experience where he has been committed to Georgians in all 159 counties – he is ready to lead!”

Buddy Leger: “I know that Casey will govern for every single part of our great state. He has been a strong leader for rural Georgia and has prioritized our success as a conservative leader. From agriculture to broadband, I trust Casey to get the job done!”

A full list of Cagle’s leadership team can be seen HERE.

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