Third Democratic Opponent Enters GA-6 Race Against Rep. Handel

We have received a press release announcing that businessman Kevin Abel has joined the GA-6 congressional race as a Democrat. He joins fellow Democrats Richard Keatley and Bobby Kaple in the race for the seat held by Rep. Karen Handel, a Republican.

Abel’s press release states that he is running “as a consensus candidate focused on working across the aisle to address our country’s biggest domestic challenges, including healthcare policy, immigration, social security, climate change, campaign finance, and the ever expanding debt.”

Some quotes from his press release:

  • “I’m running as a Democrat, but let’s be clear: I’m first and foremost an American. If elected, I will work tirelessly to deliver results for our entire community; I am committed to engaging earnestly with members of both parties to find the common ground for which our fellow Americans across the country so deeply yearn.”
  • “But while my family and I have enjoyed the American Dream, this beacon of hope and opportunity has been eroded.  Our national political arena has devolved into a perpetual shouting match; anger and acrimony dominate our national dialogue. Republicans and Democrats alike have an abysmal view of our United States Congress.

You can read his full bio at his website, but some tidbits:

  • Lived in GA-6 for over 25 years
  • In 1979, at the age of 14, left South Africa with his family and immigrated to the United States. His family settled in Dallas, where he graduated high school as his class Valedictorian. He attended the University of Texas at Austin, receiving a bachelors degree in electrical engineering in 1987.
  • Owns and operates a technology consulting company based in Alpharetta that he and his wife began in 1994

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