Morning Reads for International Pasta Day (October 25th)

Good morning, and happy International Pasta Day! I’m going to celebrate today with this charred lemon pappardelle and shrimp recipe. Not your thing? These are also awesome:

Cajun Chicken Pasta
Pasta and Meatballs
Caprese Mac & Cheese

Enjoy! Now for the real reason you’re here:

Pat Conroy

A quick, political history of Kennesaw State that explains the current brouhaha.
Microplastics have invaded the Georgia coast.
Augusta is unsure if it’s still making consumer packaging.
Kasim Reed is not amused over the recent Fannie Mae decision.
Chris Riley wishes the Republicans running for governor would put the good of Georgia first.
How the school-to-prison pipeline works.

Alice Walker

Jeff Flake has peaced out of the Senate. His speech, annotated.
Meanwhile in the House, Paul Ryan says tax reform will arrive before your traditional turkey dinner.
Pew sees Americans as split into eight political groups. (Quiz alert!)
It’s no longer just New York where the rent is too d*** high.
The company to get the power back on in Puerto Rico is… Whitefish Energy? Yeah, about that
Using John Kelly’s recent comments to argue for a reinstatement of the draft.
Mission in Niger was “routine and common” foreign internal defense.
Russia has derailed the investigation into Syria’s sarin gas attack.

Flannery O’Connor

The Kennesaw dude looks like a lady.
Hurricanes? Floridians ain’t bothered.
Throwing flags at Donald Trump will get you arrested.


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