Morning Reads in Numbers — October 23

Happy Monday, everyone! Did you know the slinky was born when a World War 2 naval engineer dropped a torsion spring and watched in awe as it “walked” across a table? The creator’s wife said in a 2001 interview that she knew it would be a success because “children love simple things.”

The News in Numbers

$2 billion – The amount of money reported by Oath, Verizon’s subsidiary company that includes AOL and Yahoo!. Facebook and Google have long dominated digital marketing. Verizon is positioning itself to challenge the digital behemoths through acquisitions and data. Experts agree it’s a long shot.

11 years ago – Tarana Burke created the #MeToo movement that swept across social media last week to give a voice to women — particularly women of color — who survived sexual assault. No, it didn’t start with a celebrity’s tweet. You can read the heartbreaking backstory here.

3,000 employees – “There is no air conditioning in the summer, no heat in the winter.” That describes the working conditions of state employees whose offices are at 2 Peachtree St. The Georgia Building Authority has been pushing for upgrades for years and only recently won the backing of lawmakers.

1994 – The year the United States and North Korea almost went to war. Jimmy Carter, against President Clinton’s wishes, went to North Korea to smooth it over. He succeeded.

$108 million – Dept of Revenue Commissioner Riley has stepped up efforts to block fraudulent tax returns. The results have been worthwhile it appears.

114 million people – Will watch Justin Timberlake perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. 14 years ago he and Janet Jackson’s infamous show stirred controversy.


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