Monday Morning Reads — New Format Edition

Trying out a new MRs format. Feedback is welcomed and I will weed out opinions I dislike.

The News in Numbers

1,000,000 – The amount of money Donald Trump’s campaigned paid in legal fees. When we include legal fees paid by the RNC, that number tops $2.4 million.

1960 – The year Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” was published. It was pulled from a school in Mississippi, because it makes students uncomfortable. People are understandably upset by the school district’s decision.

3 – UGA’s ranking in the AP poll. They’re 7-0 this season. Each time UGA starts the season 7-0, they’ve gone on to win the SEC Championship.

5 – Arrests were made in connection to the 1983 murder of Georgian Timothy Coggins. Two of the five people arrested were law enforcement officers. Authorities believe the murder was racially motivated.

250,000 – The number of people who attended Atlanta’s Pride celebrations. This year brought a record breaking turnout. In 1985, only 700 people attended Pride.

700 – That’s the number of voters that cost Mary Norwood the election for Atlanta mayor in 2009. Will she make the same mistakes? Regardless, Kasim is working hard to stop her.

9 – The percentage of people who sold their vehicle without purchasing another. Uber and Lyft are changing American cities with their ride sharing technology. But, why aren’t they solving our problems?


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