Reed Vetoes Pot Decriminalization Legislation Overnight–OR DIDN’T. Updated Below

UPDATE: WHAT IS GOING ON IT IS NOT EVEN 7:00 AM AND THE ATLANTA CITY COUNCIL IS NOT SURE WHAT IS HAPPENING (and thus, I don’t, and you, dear reader, are poorer in life).

Apparently Reed did not veto the pot legislation. And at least one City Council social media staffer will be fired before the start of business.

I still stand by my analysis of why Reed would veto this, were he to do so hypothetically.

One of Reed’s statements is, well, classic Reed and proof that I am not wrong.

Why, you might ask, would a progressive mayor of a large city not support token marijuana decriminalization? When such a law would hurt the chances of his heir apparent in the mayoral race, of course. (As you can see below, the City Council was apparently gobsmacked by Reed’s decision.)

Kwanza Hall, who sponsored the legislation, touted the bill’s unanimous passage while campaigning for mayor and committed to possibly legalizing marijuana if elected. Hall is running against a bajillion other candidates, one of whom is Keisha Lance Bottoms–Reed’s heir apparent.

Is it a leap to say the mayor is that petty and that willing to sabotage City of Atlanta legislation just to promote one mayoral candidate over a rival?


But this is also the mayor who continually blocks folks from his Twitter feed for perceived slights and is known to harbor grievances in perpetuity. So, you know, it seems more in line with his character.

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