Morning Reads on 10/11

I hope all of you used the best pick-up line ever yesterday. (Are you today’s date? Because you are 10/10).

“The Loser” by Derrick Harriot. 

  1. Jimmy to Trump: Lemme chat with North Korea–I got this. 
  2. Earl Ehrhart doesn’t think free speech is allowed on government property. 
  3. Your small-government Republicanism in action, folks!
  4. The 411 on the new 420 laws in Atlanta. 
  5. UGA fan tats 2018 National Champs on derriere. (Semi-NSFW). 
  6. Anyone want to bet he’s never taken a class at UGA?
  7. Meet the new Atlanta Fed Prez. 
  8. Cops: Target burglar says ‘Naruto’ books were ‘teaching him how to be a ninja’
  9. One word there makes me not understand everything.
  10. UPS: We’re gonna catch the employee who leaked our confidential info. 
  11. The new series of “Dynasty” is set in Atlanta. 

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