Mary Norwood Just Lost the Mayoral Election

If you’re running for office in Atlanta you don’t like President Trump. Even if you do. Prevaricating on if you do or don’t might be the worst position to have and that’s the one Mary Norwood took today.

At a forum presented by V-103 and WAOK, Norwood was the only candidate who couldn’t articulate a position on the President.  (The video below starts at her response and, shockingly, every other candidate doesn’t like President Trump)

The slowest, biggest meatball imaginable was lobbed down the plate to all nine candidates at the end when asked: “what are your thoughts about Trump?”

Norwood had to clarify her position after a taunt from Sen. Vincent Fort. Her response:

“We have a president. I may not like the president. I may not support the policies that are in this country. But we have a president. This is what happens in this country. That election stands. If people wish to impeach the president they wish to impeach the president.

“But I, as the next mayor, will be committed to getting the most I can get for Atlanta in financial resources from every single part of the governments in this country.”


Let’s see. The audience was conservatively 90% African-American, I’m going to guess. Trump won (if my reading is correct) a whopping eight precincts in the City of Atlanta. You’ve been accused of being a Republican this entire election and in 2009. The voters love it when candidates can’t say where they stand on big issues. Like, who do you think you’re going to win over? She could have won more voters if she said she still likes the Braves. 

Unforced errors will once again cost Norwood an election. She should then ride off into the sunset.


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