Morning Reads For Monday 18 September

In today’s “OK, I guess I’ll do them” edition:


A couple of weeks ago, notable Georgian Tal Duvall passed away. He was a pillar of Georgia’s Agriculture and Education community, with the Agriculture community also losing Tommy Irvin last week. But Duvall’s influence on Georgia politics culminated with his report which coined the term “Two Georgia’s” and ultimately led to his firing. The lesson was apparently you can be too honest in politics. Condolences to Mr. Duvall’s family and friends.

As we’ve discussed here a few times, Georgia will go all out to become the HQ#2 for Amazon.

A Georgia Tech student was shot and killed by a police officer over the weekend after moving toward the officer with a knife.  While the full details of this will be investigated over the next days to months, a note on a common theme on social media over the weekend:  Police do not shoot to wound, ever.  A gun is only to be used as deadly force in response to what is perceived as a deadly threat.  Any debate over “why wasn’t he shot in the leg?” is a non-starter, at least with respect to procedure and expectations of an officer.

The entire state is attempting to return to normal today as cleanup from Hurricane Irma continues.  Many are just now reporting back to school.  Here’s a look at what Hall County is experiencing.  Which is far away from coastal areas, such as Brunswick.  

Some controversy as Columbus/Muscogee considers new court management system.


Speaking of hurricanes, Maria is now a Category four storm and has an eerily familiar forecast track.

St Louis is experiencing protests/riots.

There’s trouble in TrumpBart land.

One of the nation’s largest government contractors is getting larger.

Google may be betting on Lyft and/or against Uber.


U.S. Students attacked with acid in France.

North Korea seeing a lot of military activity in shows of force(s). 

Iran confiscates passport of filmmaker as he returns from U.S.



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