ATL Log Cabin GOP “Prefers”, Not Endorses in Mayor Race

Ceasar Mitchell and Mary Norwood are sort-of-but-not-really endorsed by the Atlanta Log Cabin Republicans.

The organization for LGBT Republicans apparently found that both Mitchell and Norwood are the best candidates for the LGBT community. (Sidenote: This has to sting for the one candidate who proudly claims himself a “Bernie-Sanders-style Democrat”).

In a press release the LCR said:

Whether it is passionately fighting LGBT discrimination, tackling LGBT homelessness and HIV outreach, or addressing the concerns of their LGBT constituents (such as green space, transportation and public safety), Ceasar and Mary have consistently brought people together to improve the quality of life for all citizens of Atlanta.

Above all, Ceasar and Mary understand that Atlanta’s diversity is the social and economic strength of our great city. During this challenging time of rapid growth, both Caesar and Mary have pledged to protect all communities…It is without question that Ceasar and Mary are the leaders we need for the challenges we face. Therefore, we believe both candidates exemplify a much-needed independent and common-sense voice for the city of Atlanta.

I’m sure this is really going to help Norwood dispel the rumors of her being a Republican plant.

Anyway, the group actually endorsed:

Atlanta City Council President: Felicia Moore and Alex Wan
Atlanta City Council, District 2: Amir Farokhi
Atlanta City Council, District 5: David Orland Brown
Atlanta City Council, District 6: Kirk Rich
Atlanta City Council, At-large Post 2: Cory Ruth

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Well, in a city where Trump got 16 percent of the vote last year, it isn’t as if you want to be known as the “Republican” candidate, anymore than you really want to be known as the Democratic candidate in Doug Collins’s 75 percent+ Republican congressional district based in Gainesville.


What is the point of releasing that?


Really going out on a limb “endorsing” two candidates in a three person race for City Council President.
I suppose they felt they had to endorse Wan but felt like Felicia is too good to not mention?