Mo(u)rning Reads for 9/6

College football is no fun, man. I will only watch 55 games this year as a protest.

“You’re No Good” by Ken Boothe.

  1. Atlanta rabbi: Great Americans “moral warts and all” deserve statues. 
  2. Tony Horwitz: The Confederacy is slowly dying in Dixie. 
  3. Cherokee school district: Just to be clear–we are not anti-Trump. 
  4. Hank Johnson to DEA: Why are we killing so many innocents in Latin America/the Caribbean? 
  5. Nine of GA’s members of Congress: Mexico is killing GA’s fruit and veggie industry.
  6. Vincent Fort: Part of the Berniecrat movement targeting local politics. 
  7. Atlanta-based Bitter Southerner: We want to make the South “better”
  8. Atlanta: the (new) birthplace of an ambitious Tupac musical. 

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