Mo(u)rning Reads for 9/6

College football is no fun, man. I will only watch 55 games this year as a protest.

“You’re No Good” by Ken Boothe.

  1. Atlanta rabbi: Great Americans “moral warts and all” deserve statues. 
  2. Tony Horwitz: The Confederacy is slowly dying in Dixie. 
  3. Cherokee school district: Just to be clear–we are not anti-Trump. 
  4. Hank Johnson to DEA: Why are we killing so many innocents in Latin America/the Caribbean? 
  5. Nine of GA’s members of Congress: Mexico is killing GA’s fruit and veggie industry.
  6. Vincent Fort: Part of the Berniecrat movement targeting local politics. 
  7. Atlanta-based Bitter Southerner: We want to make the South “better”
  8. Atlanta: the (new) birthplace of an ambitious Tupac musical. 

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I forget, did Campus Carry get passed? More Georgia Tech kids get robbed…


You know how you save the Georgia fruit and veggies farmers? You buy Georgia fruit and veggies. Regardless if a whole rack of non US grown veggies are in a store or not, the price is not going to go down on Georgia grown. In fact, the laws of price/demand would force them up in price if people had no other source. Instead of a store, head over to a local farmers markets and keep your locally earned money in local hands, look for Georgia or US labels when shopping. There is a reason Wal-Mart veggies cost less then the… Read more »


Hmm. We don’t want Mexicans coming here to pick our produce, but we don’t want them staying home and picking their own and selling it to us either.
Sounds like it’s time to invade.