Morning Reads for Tuesday, September 5

Good morning! It’s (more or less) two months until (Special) Election Day.

  • Atlanta Public Schools needs to borrow $100 million against future tax revenue because of cash flow problems – and this isn’t the first time. They had to do this last year, too, and assert that each time this action has been necessary, it’s because Fulton County can’t get its tax collecting (and assessing) act together.
  • Friends, have we been over this? I realize that the concept of the “X00-year flood” is a little more complicated than remembering the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning – but it doesn’t mean the flood should only happen every X00 years! It’s a percentage chance of likelihood of a flood of that scale in any given year! Just… read the article.
  • Meanwhile, in flood-ravaged Beaumont, Texas, the Coca-Cola Company gave two rescue volunteers with a hovercraft permission to break into a warehouse rendered inaccessible by floodwaters and make off with fourteen cases of Dasani.
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs is trying to figure out what to do with hundreds of buildings that are “too antiquated to use, too grand to demolish.”
  • As Democrats continue to lean towards single payer healthcare, here are some potential pitfalls to avoid.
  • In the tourist hotspot of Los Cabos, Mexico, 16 people were murdered in the last weekend of August.
  • Over at Instagram, there’s a thriving black market for lil’ blue verified checkmarks.
  • New mothers have a lot to worry about – and society never hesitates to pile on more concerns and criticisms. New evidence suggests, though, that c-section mamas (and their physicians – especially their physicians) need to be careful with how they use (and prescribe) opiates for use post-surgery.
  • Down in Mobile, Moe’s Barbecue and its neighbor, Chick-Fil-A, had a clever sign feud that even involved, bless their hearts – $tripper$ (and not just because they’re pole signs.)
  • Last week, I hauled a basket of laundry down the stairs and into the laundry room (it ain’t gonna do itself). I was also headed out to an event, so I was wearing a silk cocktail dress and high heels, my hair was up, and I had on a full face of makeup. Reader, know this to be true: while June Cleaver came to mind, at that moment, I did not feel like a glamorous 1950s housewife. After reading this article in Racked, though, I know with certainty that if anyone can weaponize red lipstick, you can bet it’s an American woman.

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