New ACA-Repeal Bill Could Net Georgia Billions More in Medicaid Funding

The Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson Bill to repeal ACA* could make Georgia one of the few states to see an increase in Medicaid funding.

According to a report from Avalere (about whom I know nothing other than I think they underwrite some NPR programming)  the latest repeal effort would see 34 states and DC losing Medicaid funding from 2020-26. Georgia would see a $10 billion increase, but expanded to the 2020-32 period, Georgia would lose $48 billion.

Maybe the most interesting fact: the states that are poised to benefit the most immediately are all red states. In fact there seems to be a semi correlation between funding decreases and Trump margin of victory.

Of course the GCHJ doesn’t have a CBO score and won’t before the vote, so really, all of this is academic.

*Does anyone else feel like this let’s-do-ACA-repeal-again routine is like when KISS did their Farewell Tour in 1996 and then proceeded do to a further 11 tours? Or more like “Mean Girls”? (Stop trying to make “repeal” happen. IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.) 


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