Join the GAPol College Football Pick Em Tournament!

It’s that time of year again when adults revel in the athletic accomplishment of boys “attending” schools we have no connection to, celebrate the work of each university’s highest-paid employee who is neither a researcher, teacher or administrator all while these institutes of higher education generate millions of dollars for themselves under the thoroughly-discredited sham of amateurism.

Yes, it’s time for the GAPol College Football Pick ‘Em ChallengeTM!  Oh, and college football writ large.

Deep down inside, all of you, dear readers, have a burning zeal to show why Rival U is inferior in every way. And the only empirical measure of doing so is to trounce your rivals in this storied, august competition. (If you support schools based in Coral Gables, Statesboro or Gainesville your existence is too piteous to merit further scorn–don’t worry).

To play, simply click this link. You should be taken to group #63916 called “GAPol for GA State”. The password is “gopanthers”. You can sign up with your Facebook account, email or an ESPN account. Picks are due before kickoff for each game. Confidence points are involved.

Last year’s prizes went unclaimed by the winners (again) so they remain up for grabs this year (AGAIN)!

I wish you good luck!

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