August 16th’s Morning Reads

2017: When it became controversial for Republicans to denounce Nazis in America. Wither the Party of Reagan.

“Bash the Fash” by Oi Polloi.

  1. Stacey Abrams: You know what is a totally practical idea that is in no way grandstanding? Removing the Stone Mountain carvings. 
  2. Decatur (the real one) wants in on that action, too!
  3. Maybe if you’re a judge you stay silent on the Nazi riots. (Methinks the honorable Judge Snowflake will blame this on special snowflakes).
  4. How Georgia peanut farmers are cracking the peanut allergy. 
  5. CEO of Columbus-based Tiki torch manufacturer has more decency than the President. 
  6. Walton County sheriff doesn’t seem like the best guy in the world. 
  7. 1600 jobs headed to Union City. 

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