Paranoid Newt’s Ramblings on “Very Liberal” Department of Justice’s Attacks on Trump

Newt Gingrich put on fine display why he’s such an excellent acolyte for President Trump: both men love their paranoid, unsubstantiated quests to find victimhood at every corner.

Ranting on NPR’s “Morning Edition”, the sometimes-Georgian made clear he sees dastardly liberals corrupting yet another institution. This time the Department of Justice. 

Gingrich claimed the “very liberal” DoJ is “very anti-Trump.” You’re “living in a fantasyland” lest you disagree. 

Of course the only truth was his conspiratorial outlook on the Clintons. And like great conspiratorialists everywhere he urges all doubters to do their research. With one book. That back up his worldview.

Ok, Newt.

You may wonder what, if not paranoia, is causing Gingrich to throw so much red meat to Trump supporters. You may wonder indeed.


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