Sens. Perdue and Isakson Speak on Moving Forward to Repeal Obamacare

Sens. David Perdue and Johnny Isakson have issued press releases after the Senate voted to begin debate in the U.S. Senate on repealing Obamacare and addressing the future of healthcare. According to Isakson’s press release, “today’s procedural vote allows each member of the Senate to offer amendments that, if passed, would be part of Senate Republicans’ legislation to begin the task of addressing the failed health care law known as Obamacare.”

Sen. David Perdue:

“Obamacare is collapsing under its own weight and soon the very people who need help the most will lose their insurance. In Georgia, 96 of 159 counties only have one health care provider leaving consumers with no choice. Premiums have risen more than 105% because of Obamacare making healthcare unaffordable for so many Georgians who need it most. To make matters worse, just a few weeks ago, the only provider in those 96 counties announced it will be increasing premiums 41% next year. Due to the flaws of Obamacare, more than 300,000 Georgians today do not have access to the insurance they were promised.

This failed system isn’t going to fix itself, and I am glad the Senate has started a full debate on ways to improve health care. For weeks, Democrats have refused to work with us on bipartisan solutions and today not one of them voted to help fix the damage they did to our health care system. The Senate’s action this week is designed to increase competition, lower prices, and expand choices. Now that debate has begun, it is my hope Democrats decide to put aside their political self-interests and work with us to improve health care for Georgians and all Americans.”

Sen. Johnny Isakson:

“Repealing the failing Obamacare law that has driven up costs and eliminated choice for many Georgia families is a commitment of mine because hardworking Georgia families deserve better. Today’s vote allows my Senate colleagues and me to participate openly in debate on just how we plan to help families and address this failed law. I will be actively engaged in debate and will carefully review the final bill to ensure we do the right thing for Georgians and all Americans.”


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