Morning Reads for Tuesday, July 25

Good morning!

  • President Trump spoke to the Boy Scouts of America yesterday at their quadrennial Jamboree. It’s easy to find commentary on his remarks (that ran the gamut from yacht orgies to the size of the inauguration crowd to the possibility of firing Tom Price to the “war on Christmas”) so here’s a link to the transcript of the speech so you can interpret his words as you see fit.
  • The High Museum of Art will soon display Kara Walker’s large-scale bas relief sculpture “Jubilant Martyrs.”
  • The University System of Georgia may change the way it investigates campus sexual misconduct.
  • Here are the facts on what’s at stake for Snopes (right when we need them most).
  • If you have ever been in an American home with children, you won’t be surprised to read that many American families (from across the economic spectrum) are burdened and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff they acquire.
  • Justice Gorsuch faces his most daunting task since ascending to SCOTUS: the cafeteria.
  • Russell McMurry, Hero of I-85, may get a 40% pay raise.
  • How do drugs actually get across the border? It’s more high tech than tossing 60-pound bags of dope over a wall.
  • How criminals are grown – are these the “Lost Boys of Savannah?”
  • John Boehner (who would have been a better pick than Gingrich for the Ambassador to the Vatican, IMO) believes that the Obamacare repeal will fail.

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