Florence In, Thompson Out of Insurance Commissioner Race

Much like the NBA off-season, there are a lot of rumors of where the next opportunity may lie for several people. Two of those people have publicly announced where they will be focusing their talents next. Jay Florence sent out a press release outlining the reasons that he is in the Insurance Commissioner’s race, while Sen. Bruce Thompson announced that he is officially out of the race and will focus on his family, the Senate, and helping to elect others. Current Commissioner Ralph Hudgens has decided not to seek a third term.


It truly is humbling and an incredible honor to serve as a State Senator. I have been provided an opportunity that I often feel unworthy of, yet I’m very grateful for.

Over the past 6 months, several people have joined me in seeking His will for my political future. I now have clarity that I should honor my existing commitments before seeking to run for a full time statewide position. I believe that although it is humbling and truly an honor to be asked by so many to run for The State Insurance Commissioner position, now is not the time. Here is why!

1. Faith is entering her Senior year, and being a dad takes priority.

2. Making sure the cyber initiative I helped launched last year (50 million investment ) of tax payer dollars comes to fruition.

3. Fulfilling my commitment to others that ask for my assistance in their bid for elected office.

For all of you that have graciously encouraged and prayed for clarity, I am extremely grateful for you.

Florence’s press release:

Jay Florence a native of Athens, Georgia announced last week that he is running for State Insurance Commissioner in 2018.  The position, which is currently held by Ralph Hudgens, will be an open seat following Hudgens’ decision last week not to seek a third term.

“I am encouraged by the support that I received from around the State since I announced my intentions last week,” Florence said.  “It will be a long campaign, but it is off to a great start.”

Florence, who worked as an attorney at the Insurance Department and now holds the position of Deputy Insurance Commissioner, has spent the majority of his time working to enforce consumer protection laws and obtaining administrative sanctions against insurance agents and companies.  As Legislative Liaison with the Department, Florence successfully shepherded over a dozen bills through the legislative process.

“My experience at all levels of the Insurance Department means I will be the best suited to serve as Georgia’s next Insurance Commissioner,” Florence said.  “I have been on the front lines, protecting consumers from bad actors, and I am ready to continue that as Insurance Commissioner.”

As Insurance Commissioner, Florence will promote Georgia’s competitive insurance market, making sure that consumers have as many choices as possible.  At the same time, he will vigorously enforce Georgia’s consumer protection laws.

“We need to make insurance work for every citizen,” said Florence.  “Insurance companies make promises to the citizens of this State.  I will make sure they keep those promises.”

In addition to his time at the Department of Insurance, Florence worked as Chief of Staff to the President Pro Tempore of the Georgia Senate and led Ralph Hudgens re-election efforts in 2014.

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