Morning Reads for 7-19

Don’t call it a comeback; I never left.

“Social Jetlag” by Beach Fossils 

  1. Georgia State predicted to go bowling.
  2. If your party campaigns for something for seven years and then can’t formulate a coherent policy and then fails to achieve what you campaigned on for seven years, your party is at best incompetent.
  3. Trump Poised to be Carter 2.0 
  4. MLK’s niece: Trump is a brilliant man. 
  5. Sanford Bishop: (DO NOT) LET THEM EAT HORSE! 
  6. John Lewis really liked a display at the Civil Rights Museum. 
  7. What will be the priorities of the new CDC Director? Read about it here. 
  8. Georgia ashes end up in Florida…..ew. 

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