Tea Party Libel Suit Ends With A $833,000 Verdict

A Cherokee County jury awarded James Lyle $833,000 in his libel suit against Lee Martin and the Tea Party Patriots the Daily Caller reported. In case you’re not up-to-date on your Tea Party drama, allow me to fill you in.

The Tea Party burst on to the scene in 2009 after President Obama’s healthcare law passed both chambers of Congress. Americans were upset, confused, and told that death panels would decide the fate of their elderly loved ones. As with all political movements, certain people saw the potential for power and money. The overarching movement was neglected. Rather than unite under a banner, the power-hungry individuals fractured into dozens of groups claiming to be the standard bearer of conservatism.

Enter stage right: Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Express, James Lyle, Lee Martin, Jenny Beth Martin, and Amy Kremer. These are our key players.

Amy Kremer and Jenny Beth Martin founded the Tea Party Patriots along with two other individuals. The organization was plagued by interpersonal drama. Eventually, Kremer joined a rival Tea Party movement: The Tea Party Express. In response to Kremer’s actions, the Tea Party Patriots forced her out citing the Tea Party Express’s overt ties to the Republican Party. The Tea Party Patriots followed up with a lawsuit against Kremer over the use of intellectual property.

Following Kremer’s departure from the Tea Party Patriots and new job as the chairman of the Tea Party Express, a “Dale Buttersworth” made a Facebook post on a public group accusing James Lyle (Amy Kremer’s boyfriend) of molesting Kremer’s child. It turned out “Dale Buttersworth” isn’t a real person, but is Lee Martin, Jenny Beth Martin’s husband.

You see how all the dots are connecting?

The 2011 lawsuit was settled today with the jury awarding the aforementioned sum to Lyle. Kremer has two pending lawsuits against the Tea Party Patriots and Lee Martin. Both of those lawsuits will be heard late summer or early fall.

When the Tea Party movement originated in 2009, the grassroots leaders put money before country. This is the result.

Contributor’s Note: I am not related to Amy Kremer.

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