To The Volunteer

It was 2012 and my candidate had lost. I’m not talking about Mitt Romney; I’m talking about my candidate for Cobb County District Attorney. I sat glaring at my phone screen with nothing but shock and confusion. How could my candidate have lost? Months of my life was spent canvassing, phone banking, attending events, taking donations, signing up supporters, and passing out stylish campaign swag. All of it was for nothing.

I spent that evening crying along with a small group of fellow volunteers and interns. We believed in our candidate and her future. It all shattered in the brief moment between clicking the refresh button and my quick scan of the updated Secretary of State website. I left the gut wrenching evening behind and drove home.

A volunteer is a precious commodity. They’re the true believers—the ones who are willing to spend hours doing the mundane for no pay. Titles are of no concern to them. Volunteers are a splash of humanity in an otherwise twisted arena.

Their pure, hopeful energy is destroyed when their candidate loses. It’s tough.

To the countless volunteers who truly believed and were let down: Don’t give up. Don’t lose your passion. Don’t pass up the next opportunity to create the world you want.


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