Ossoff: “I told y’all so” Edition

Anyone who starts a sentence with “I hate to say I told you so…” is lying. EVERYone loves to be proven right, and I am no exception. Way back on March 3rd of this year, I offered some free (and apparently worthless) advice to Republican candidates in the special election for Georgia’s 6th District. I pointed out that Jon Ossoff ain’t from around here, but it turns out wealthy liberals in California were the only ones who noticed.

Jon Ossoff has broken a lot of records –not just for the most expensive House race in history, but also for the most out-of-state money raised by any Congressional candidate, ever. According to his hometown newspaper, the Mercury News in San Jose, California: Ossoff “…reported receiving almost nine times as many individual donations from California than from Georgia, according to federal campaign finance data released last week.” The Atlanta media darling reported receiving $456,296.03 from California — and $220,532.10 from the San Francisco Bay area, but only $228,474.44 (total) from Georgia. 

A mere 3.5% of Ossoff’s contributors live in Georgia and the 30-year old trust fund millionaire should be commended for the remarkable job he’s done suckering west coast liberals into falling for his “Make Trump furious” fundraising pitch, a sample of which is obvious from the image of a fundraising email signed by Jon Ossoff sent to members of MoveOn.org:


Ossoff raises money from liberal chumps while campaigning in Georgia as a conservative who will cut government spending. The fact nearly half the voters in Georgia’s 6th and 7,218 California leftists are willing to believe the words that come out of both sides of his mouth shows, empirically, that projection will overcome cognitive dissonance every time. Want proof? From the Merc itself:

“…for out of state donors, the idea of sticking one to Trump with an Ossoff win is the big draw.

Rosaria Haugland, 77, a philanthropist and former scientist in Palo Alto, gave Ossoff $2,167 in a series of small donations. She said she didn’t know much about Ossoff, other than that he would fight Trump — and that was enough for her…

‘It’s the only thing that I can do,” she said. “I don’t care if the person who becomes president is Democrat or Republican… The only way that can help is if the Democrats start getting more power.

Did you catch that? Democrat vs. Republican doesn’t matter to Ms. Haugland, as long as “the Democrats start getting more power.”

We don’t expect a lot of thoughtful debate from liberal Ossoff backers in GA-6. They have taken off their vagina hats and carefully and deliberately hidden their anti-President hysteria under Jon Ossoff’s phony-baloney middle-of-the-road banalities about “working with anyone” to “hold Washington accountable.” I’m not making this up. Here’s how they hide it:

Jon Ossoff has used a mountain of liberal money to convince middle-of-the road Georgians that he –as the most junior member in the minority party of the House of Representatives, would somehow make it (whatever “it” is) all better.

And it’s not just money. Liberal groups are canvassing, knocking on doors and soliciting Ossoff votes. Planned Parenthood is bragging that it has paid “…canvassers who knock on doors each day, and will have knocked on 80,000 doors ahead of the voting. The group touts that it’s twice the size of any other independent canvasses backing Ossoff.” I guess breast cancer has been cured, if Planned Parenthood is paying people to work on political campaigns.

I have always believed that Republicans were naturally and correctly skeptical of campaign messages –even the ones that I have produced- and that they could tell a liar from an honest woman no matter how much money was spent to make them stop thinking for themselves and start believing commercials. But Jon Ossoff’s liberal patrons have spent $40 million making tomorrow’s vote a toss-up, and I’m starting to worry about the rational abilities of my fellow Republicans in the 6th.



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