Morning Reads 6/7/17

Wow, what a debate last night! Two inspiring intellectual heavyweights representing the best elements of their parties had an uplifting, level-headed discussion! Somewhere that happened but it was not in CD-6.

“Return of the Mack” by Mark Morrison.

  1. RIP to the voice of Wallace of “Wallace and Grommit.” 
  2. We should all have a slice of cheese in his honor.
  3. Jimmy Carter gets Gerald Ford’s medal. 
  4. Gwinnett ethics board says county commissioner violated ethics rules when calling John Lewis “a racist pig”. 
  5. Sanford Bishop “disappointed” with Trump. 
  6. Hank Johnson introduced legislation to prevent hacking of U.S. election systems. 
  7. The Pride of Georgia (AKA: GSU’s Robert Davis) got a hero’s welcome after being drafted. 
  8. NY Times travel section hearts Cumberland Island. 




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