Handel Releases New #GA6 Ad Questioning Ossoff’s ISIS Front Line Claims

From a Handel press release:

The Karen Handel Campaign released the TV & Digital ad “Front line” which highlights Sergeant Grant McGarry, a United States Army veteran who served on the front lines against ISIS.

A previous ad by Jon Ossoff claims he “sent a team to the front line against ISIS.” In reality, Jon Ossoff sent a film crew from his London based company to produce a product called “Girls, Guns, and ISIS.” Sergeant McGarry fought on the front line against ISIS and their atrocities, putting his life on the line. Ossoff touting his experience with ISIS as being on “the front line” is an insult to our troops.

“I am honored to have brave men and women like Sergeant McGarry fighting on the front lines against ISIS, keeping us safe here at home,” said Handel Spokeswoman Kate Constantini. “It is disgraceful for Jon Ossoff to even consider his experience of sending a film crew from his cushy London office as being ‘on the front line’ and just another example of him trying to mislead voters about his flimsy resume and lack of actual accomplishments.”


Sergeant McGarry: As an army ranger, I deployed five times to the middle east fighting to keep Americans safe

Jon Ossoff said he sent a team to the front line against ISIS

I fought for our country, Jon Ossoff hired a film crew

For him to say that’s being on the front lines is disgraceful

He exaggerated his security clearance too

Jon Ossoff is not fit to serve in Congress


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