Updated: Gubernatorial Candidate Michael Williams makes claims of bribery at State Convention

In between votes for State Chairman, candidates for governor are being allowed to make their stump speeches to the over 1500 delegates present in Augusta. 

Moments ago, gubernatorial candidate Michael Williams took the stage and his first statement was that he had just been offered Chairman of Appropriations in the State Senate if he would not run for governor. 

In a room filled with political cynicism, the claim was met with gasps. And while it made for a shocking opening statement, the remainder of Williams speech was filled with disgust and criticism for those who hold higher elected office that made the claim a little less credible. 

Williams’ senate colleague and fellow candidate for Governor, Hunter Hill, doubts the validity of the statement.

I don’t think it’s true. I wasn’t offered anything. 

William said last year he would run for Secretary of State, but announced for Governor in the last 24 hours. He was elected to the State Senate (District 27) in 2014 after self-financing his campaign with $300,000, taking the seat from incumbent Jack Murphy in Forsyth County during a run-off. 


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