Georgia GOP Delegates vote John Watson as new leader of the State Party

After three rounds of ballots, lasting more than three hours, the Georgia Republican Party voted John Watson as Chairman with 741 votes to Alex Johnson’s 679.

The first round of ballots knocked Mike Welsh out of the running. The second round eliminating Michael McNeely. 

Jay Walker, a well known political consultant in the state, as well as a close friend of John Watson said, “We can finally begin to rebuild the trust between elected officials and the grassroots again. I am proud of my friend, John, and the work he has done and the hard work he has ahead of him.”
Carmen Foskey, Watson’s campaign manager, said smiling, “We have a heck of a lot of work to do.”

From Speaker Ralston’s office, we received this statement:

“I congratulate John Watson on his well-deserved victory as GAGOP Chairman. An exciting new chapter begins for our state party today. I look forward to working with John to build our grassroots network and strengthen our fundraising to elect conservative candidates in Georgia.”

Alex Johnson’s senior campaign advisor, Brandt Frost V had this to say:

“Alex cut 76 votes, or more than half off his margin of defeat in 2015. The fact that a political outsider with no party office almost upset the party’s favorite son, shows the level of discontent with the party’s internal decision making.” 

At almost exactly 6:30pm, and after three rounds of votes, Carolyn Fisher was elected 1st Vice Chair.


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