Landmark/WSBTV Poll Shows Dead Heat in #GA6 Race

A Landmark Communications/WSBTV poll appears to reveal a dead heat between Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel in the #GA6 race. The poll of 500 likely voters conducted May 30-31, 2017 showed 49.1% for Ossoff, 47.6% for Handel, and 3.3% undecided. The poll utilized a mixture of interviews including IVR (recorded interviews) and online surveys. The margin of error is 4.38% and was weighted by age, race, and gender. Crosstabs can be seen HERE.

Mark Rountree, President of Landmark Communications, stated: “Dead heat. Either candidate can win as of today. After $30 million, it’s a turnout effort more than a persuasion one at this point.”

Ed, GeorgiaPol whatnot: “Ossoff is gonna lose.”

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