RC Cola Did Not Troll President Trump

RC Cola, based out of Columbus, GA, has fallen victim to an internet troll. Somebody created the fake Twitter account @OfficialRCCola and pretended to be the company. The impostor posted a Tweet yesterday morning that stated “We have no plans to release any covfefe flavored cola. If you want the taste of incompetence there are other sodas more readily available.

The Tweet was retweeted and liked thousands of times and images of the Tweet are still being passed around social media. The account has been suspended  by Twitter and RC Cola has issued the following statement on its Facebook page:

“Thanks for liking us on Facebook. If you follow RC Cola® on other social media accounts, you may have noticed a page that seems to be an official RC Cola® Twitter account. It is not.

A third party created that unauthorized account and posted tweets, links and images that were not created or approved by our company. We understand that this can be confusing. And, it may be helpful to know that Twitter verifies official accounts with a blue checkmark badge.

We apologize if any content shared by others offended any of our loyal customers who enjoy RC around the globe.”


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