Morning Reads With Good Covfefe

Is it non-crazy to believe the POTUS is now just an act, a la Rush/Sean/Glenn etc to intentionally troll us? And just… why? Oh right. White Baby Boomers had their feelings hurt by liberals.

“The House I Live In (That’s America to Me)” live at Madison Square Garden by Frank Sinatra.

  1. Help Kayla Elizabeth find her beloved stuffed dog in a reindeer dress (last seen at Hartsfield).
  2. Legitimately bad ex-cops find employment in schools. That doesn’t seem wise. 
  3. Democrats begin worrying if Ossoff can be taken seriously. 
  4. Fewer Peaches? The South is Aghast!
  5. The latest, far-too-long, national profile of CD-6 in the New York Times. (At this point I want them to both lose).
  6. Hampton Civil War museum shuts down after proprietors invent claim of county commission meddling over Confederate Flag. Truly my heart weeps for the Nash Farm Battlefield Museum.

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