George Will: “Militantly Vanilla” Ossoff’s Victory Could Spell Doom for GOP in 18

How to read George Will’s latest column on the CD-6 circus?

Will laments that politics is increasingly not local while flying down to Atlanta* to write what he knows will be an internationally-circulated piece that breaks no new ground on an “anodyne” candidate.

But he’s still able to turn a decent phrase about how both candidates are pretty bad and this race should be forgotten if it weren’t for the savant who partially lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And ultimately Will’s not wrong. 

Anyway y’all are dying to dissect the minutest of minutia of the race and I’m here to give you what you need want.

*Surely I’m not the only one who thinks he never left the Ritz-Carlton. So does he have any sense of Georgia’s political pulse?


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