Big Name Endorsements In The #GAGOP Chairman’s Race

This year’s GAGOP has been fairly interesting thus far. You have an “anonymous” group or individual pushing for delegates to #DrainTheGASWAMP.  Obviously, these folks are trying to tap into the energy driving the #TrumpTrain to derail the candidacies of those they deem as unfit for leadership.  So far, specifically naming John Watson, Michael McNeely, and Mike Welsh as “unfit”….leaving Alex Johnson as seemingly untouched by the group.  It’s not exactly an endorsement, but you can draw your own conclusions.

You also have Michael McNeely picking up up an endorsement from former presidential candidate and current radio show host Herman Cain last week.  Cain stated that he was impressed by his messaging.

Today, the chair of the Donald Trump campaign in Georgia, Rayna Casey, endorsed John Watson for GAGOP Chairman.  From the AJC:

“Why take a chance with a likeable amateur when we have a professional willing to volunteer his strategic political expertise, including raising millions, to win our elections?” she wrote in a dispatch sent to GOP activists across the state.

The “likeable amateur” swipe is probably vague enough to encompass McNeely, Welsh, and Johnson.  This is no doubt a play to get Trump supporters to back Watson showing that he has earned a positive recommendation from the Trump campaign and solidifying Trump supporters behind him…especially when Trump supporters seem to be divided on the state chairman race.

As of now, I believe it’s anybody’s race for state chairman.  It seems, just browsing Facebook and looking across my district convention back in April, that Alex Johnson has picked up a decent amount of support to be competitive and has the possibility of making it to a second ballot.  He’s playing the political outsider as well as courting Trump supporters, but how will Johnson fair against Watson now that the top Georgia Trump campaign official has weighed in?  How will McNeely and Welsh factor into and fair in the balloting?  Feel free to opine on what your tea leaves tell you in the comments.

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