Morning Reads for Friday, May 19, 2017

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  1. It’s been another Make America Great Again week. Same lead story as last week is that Trump just can’t help himself in drawing more and more attention digging himself in deeper and deeper with respect to investigation of possible ties between him, his campaign and advisors and the Russians.

    “Donald Trump should start every morning with a tweet about what he is doing that day to help working class Americans,” said Republican strategist Alex Conant. “Instead, his morning tweets make it clear how much the Russia story is distracting him and his White House.” A problem with that advice is that Trump would have nothing to tweet about.

    Trump supporters no doubt hope he’ll leave the investigation alone while he’s out of the country. They’d rather Trump’s tweets instead damage foreign relations.

  2. Mother Jones corrected its story GOP Congressmen Suggest Trump May Have Committed Impeachable Offense, indicating that the GOP is beginning to break ranks on Trump. The correction:

    * Correction: This article previously stated that [Justin] Amash was the first Republican to suggest that Trump’s alleged actions could be grounds for impeachment. Following publication, a spokeswoman for [Carlos] Curbelo contacted Mother Jones to point out that “Congressman Curbelo was actually the first Republican to mention impeachment.”

    It was important to Curbelo that he be on record as being first, since he represents a district Hillary Clinton easily carried. There are a couple dozen other such GOP House districts. If there’s one thing you can count on most pols to do, it’s put distance between themselves and a sinking ship sufficiently in advance of an election.”

  3. Mentioned because missed because of all the hoopla but something that bears note because it’s indicative of a pattern:

    Did you hear that Trump’s personal attorneys say his tax returns show little income from Russian sources?

    You can take that to the bank, just as trustworthy as Trump’s personal physician “unequivocally” stating that fat 70-year old Trump would be the “healthiest person ever elected President”

    Who are you going to believe anyway, Trump’s paid help or your lyin’ eyes?

  4. Days without a new reason to mock Trump or his administration are becoming a rarity. Mitch McConnell’s wife will soon release to the Senate Trump infrastructure “principles” for $1 trillion dollars in infrastructure spending.

    (Check out the photo: Had Chao been running for President Trump no doubt would have included her when stating, “Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that. Can you imagine that, the face of the next President?” that Trump said of Carly Fiorina.)

    The infrastructure spending principle are unlikely to be more than a page if Trump’s one page long tax plan is a guide ( ) Remember, Trump invented the phrase “Prime the Pump,” last week’s news I know, but it laid the groundwork that succinctness on taxes and spending is an expectation.

    Donald J. Trump: “Have you heard [Prime the Pump} used before? Because I haven’t heard it. I mean, I just…I came up with it a couple of days ago and I thought it was good.” almost as groundbreaking as Trump’s observing that Frederick Douglass “is getting recognized more and more, I notice.”

    1. 13 white men are engaged in super-secret behind closed doors Trumpcare negotiations in the Senate. Remember when Mitch McConnell promised the nation that the Senate would operate under “regular order” when he took over the majority in 2015? Neither do I.


      Sorry, I couldn’t help myself because of the excitement that we’re great again.

  5. Savannah not only has canals (old barge routes from rail heads to the river, now drainage), and the US headquarter for JCB – last week that exact T-Rex in Charleston was riding around Savannah in the back of a pedicab. Our guess, SCAD students.

    1. Wait, how is James Comey part of “liberal DC?”

      Nothing on “collusion” after a year.

      You are aware that FBI investigations take time, right? This isn’t a TV show where they catch the bad guys within 48 minutes.

      Numerous official congressional sources continue to report various versions of “no evidence.”

      Receipts, please.

      As for hiding near the curtains, if you cared to actually delve into the substance of the issue, you’d see that Comey’s concern was trying to avoid any sort of interaction with Trump that could paint the Bureau or the Justice Department in a partisan light. I would say that his was a justifiable concern. After all, look at the scorn Loretta Lynch endured for talking with Bill Clinton on the tarmac. Shoot, look at the scorn he took from folks such as yourself after declaring the Clinton investigation closed and the scorn he took from “Liberal DC” after he sent that letter right before the election. You’ve got a President who wants to schmooze you so that you’ll tell him the status of an investigation into his associates and, maybe, make that investigation go away. Comey did the right thing in trying to keep Trump at arm’s length (which, at 6’8″ he’s got long arms).

      Looking forward to all the leaks from Trump’s inner circle after they spend 9 days stuck on Air Force One with each other.

      1. “Numerous official congressional sources continue to report various versions of “no evidence.”
        Receipts, please.”

        Well, just yesterday – Feinstein
        This am – Allen Dershowitz. Dershowitz incredulously said, “what actual crime has been committed???” As have many others. And Krauthammer – “Cover up in search of a crime…”

        This continuous piling on has been and is an effort to remove Trump. This is a modern day Coup attempt. And guess what? He ain’t goin’ nowhere.

        And this justifiably reinforces and encourages the literal vitriolic hate that Trump supporters have for anything Dem. And – this is my opinion only, to be sure, but all it will take will be a singular Tweet from Trump requesting their support in 2018 to get them back to the polls in number we saw in 2016. So, let the Lib media continue with its 90% plus negative stories about Trump. His supporters will come to his defense at the appropriate time. You all think you’re gonna flip The House in ’18? You’re delusional.

        1. Noway the ostrich. Did the Russians try to interfere in our election process and promote Trump while diminishing Clinton’s support? Yes. Has direct collusion with the Trump campaign been proven at this point? No. Has the man’s own “unpresidented” actions exacerbated this to a near constitutional crisis? Yes. Has this administration’s amateurish infancy been so bad that it makes the Carter administration look like a well oiled machine? Yes.

          You claim that 90% of the press is against him yet his own direct baiting of them hasn’t been seen since Nixon. Making his own press secretary look like a clown by making self-described unilateral “unpresidented” decisions like firing a FBI director and not including Spicer in the briefings to give him some idea on how to respond is absurd. Then to indicate you have lost confidence in Spicer and that you are pondering the suspension of WH press conferences is just adding more fuel to the fire. The unfiltered Twitter posts may feed his base but the contradictory messages that were easily walked back during the campaign don’t work when they are coming from the actual POTUS.

          Where your head is entirely in the sand however is the denial that all of this is not impacting the Republican Party and its overall agenda. Even given the impetus it has given the Democrats with the huge influx of money to this first battle in CD6 without the Trump effect it would not even be a contest. As it is I can easily see this 30 year-old neophyte pulling it off in what should still be considered a red district.

          1. Will, what specifically has been proven, that the Russians actually did? Hack Podesta? They didn’t change one vote. Podesta’s clowish emails may have recealed ehat a literal douchebag he was, with them cheating Bernie. What do we know that the Russians actually did?

            1. How ’bout the NSA, CIA, and FBI? Though we the public have not been given all the proof as yet. However I will submit this for your reading pleasure courtesy of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (James Clapper at the time), which first gives this disclaimer:
              “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections” is a declassified version of a highly classified assessment that has been provided to the President and to recipients approved by the
               The Intelligence Community rarely can publicly reveal the full extent of its knowledge or the precise bases for its assessments, as the release of such information would reveal sensitive sources or
              methods and imperil the ability to collect critical foreign intelligence in the future.
               Thus, while the conclusions in the report are all reflected in the classified assessment, the declassified report does not and cannot include the full supporting information, including specific intelligence and sources and methods. ”

              Full report here:

        2. To Noway’s point, David Plouffe, Obama’s sr. WH advisor, has ideological cohorts, friends and embeds inside almost all corporate media entities; specifically WaPo and NY Times. Plouffe recently stated “We must destroy Donald Trump totally, so that his kind does not rise again.” “His kind”?? – stated with such disdain for the President of the United States and his supporters.

          And you’re right about an attempted Coup. It’s very clear that the cabal of celebrities, academics, corporate news media, left-wing politicians, and the Democratic party are giving a full-court press to the goal Plouffe articulated. The DNC is currently beating the drum for a “summer of resistance” — set on disrupting and destroying civility in the public square. The whole cabal’s concerted effort amounts to a slow-roll coup, trying to destroy our own governmental structure with unsubstantiated accusations and “no there there.” But they don’t let facts get in their way.

          President Trump has been met at the plane with a red carpet reception by King Salman in Saudi Arabia. The palace, the national museum, streets and gardens are lit up in red, white and blue. (That probably makes Obama green around the gills, since they are not his favored Shiite Muslims in Iran and Syria) I see it as an international event that makes me a proud American. Next he goes to Israel, where he is expected to receive a similarly cordial welcome from our ally. During this week’s trip, Trump is also to address 50 Muslim officials from countries around the world to link arms against radical Islamic terrorism that is hurting them, as well as us. This is a major step to unify majority Sunni countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Palestine, etc. in the middle east — and hopefully restore some balance in that part of the world. Good luck, Mr. President.

          1. “The DNC is………set on disrupting and destroying civility in the public square.”

            That’s odd……the Man that campaigned on doing it is delivering on the promise, and you want to give the credit to the Dems.

    1. LOL! So I guess State officials are not supposed to fly on State airplanes or ride in State-owned autos. And our statewide highest elected officials should sit on wooden crates instead of nice chairs inside the State Capitol. Interestingly, the ad says they were “requested” but not whether they were bought.
      A little play on words…

            1. I wont call you a liar…just misinformed. You can also say that Karen was responsible for the drastic amount of LOST funding due to the way she screwed the whole thing up. It wasnt that long ago Sally, perhaps you cant remember back to 2012, but here you go regardless.

              On February 2, 2012, Jeffrey Goldberg reported in The Atlantic that “three sources with direct knowledge of the Komen decision-making process told me that the rule was adopted in order to create an excuse to cut-off Planned Parenthood.” Goldberg further reported that his anonymous sources indicated “the decision to create a rule that would cut funding to Planned Parenthood, according to these sources, was driven by the organization’s new senior vice-president for public policy, Karen Handel, a former gubernatorial candidate from Georgia who is staunchly anti-abortion and who has said that since she is ‘pro-life, I do not support the mission of Planned Parenthood'”.[29]

              On February 5, 2012, The Huffington Post reported that “emails between Komen leadership… confirm Handel’s sole ‘authority’ in crafting and implementing the Planned Parenthood policy… Handel submitted the new grant criteria to Komen leadership in November and the board approved it in December, at which point Komen’s top public health official resigned “on the spot.”[30]

              Four days after the decision to cut ties with Planned Parenthood, Komen reversed the decision and announced that it would amend the policy to “make clear that disqualifying investigations must be criminal and conclusive in nature and not political”.[31] A few days later, on February 7, 2012, Handel resigned from Komen.[2]

              The Los Angeles Times described Komen’s decision to cut ties with Planned Parenthood as “one of the great PR faux pas of the decade”, with Komen losing 22% of its funding in the subsequent fiscal year.[32] Komen officials also attributed much
              of the lost funding to the decision to cut ties with Planned Parenthood.[32]


              1. Mighty big of you. I simply don’t make my decisions based on what the California libtard papers say – they are entitled to their opinions, but not their own facts.

                Komen raises millions of dollars every year for *breast cancer research.* All their p/r material is based on that premise. They were (and are) misleading contributors by giving part of that money to Planned Parenthood instead. Handel wouldn’t go along with that falsehood, plus she is anti-abortion and would not be part of contributing money to their budget that could be shuffled wherever P/P wanted.

                Plus even politifact gave this ad a false rating. Check it out with your own eyeballs.

  6. Just saw a piece on Fox saying that Trump definitely needs a new chief of staff. “An adult in the room” was the characterization? Who might that be to serve him well? Serious opinions? Someone like Newt, although he’d never do it, but someone with gov’t experience? What do you all think of Leiberman for FBI? Who’d be universally approved of and a 100% honest guy?

    1. I wondered at the outset how that co-chief thing could work out, with the buck stopping at two desks. It would be great if the prez could get Newt to do it, but with his wife’s new ambassadorship and his own consulting business I don’t see that happening.

      Who said that Reince and Kelly Anne need replacing, and how valid do you think that was? I’m lukewarm about Lieberman, liked the idea of a strong Repub like Giuliani but don’t know if he’d accept.

      I just wish Trump could move more quickly to replace all the Obama hold-overs in the White House. That’s where all the leaking is coming from, me thinks.

      1. I didn’t recognize the guy offering that suggestion of cleaning out the top folks in Trump’s inner circle. But, like most stories dealing with Trump, it was negative. It just got me thinking about a wise Republican mandarin who may swoop in to save the proverbial day.

      2. If history is any guide, Newt wouldn’t mind being on a separate continent from his spouse.

        Trump’s inner circle lacks one thing: competence. Reince is a fundraiser, completely lacking in the temperament and experience to serve as Chief of Staff. The continued derailment of this Administration’s policy agenda are the result of poor management out of the Chief of Staff’s office. Trump needs someone who is capable of standing up to the egos in the room (including Trump’s) and putting people in their place. I’ve got thoughts on Miller, Conway, Bannon, Kushner, etc., but that’s a rant for another day.

        As for leaking, I listened to a podcast a while back with Nicolle Wallace, former comms director for W. Bush. She talked about how the Bush White House had a clearly laid out avenue for expressing disagreement with a policy or a decision. It gave staff a way to voice their concerns and opinions and feel as if they were being heard. As a result, people were less likely to go running to the press. I don’t think the Trump White House has a similar system in place. A lot of leaks appear to be coming from rival camps within Trump’s administration (i.e., Kushner leaking anti-Bannon stories; Bannon leaking anti-Kushner stories; etc.) and speak to a lack of management within the White House.

        1. It should also be noted, that when the West Wing switches administrations, the WHOLE administration staff changes. No one who served in the Obama White House as administration staff is still there. Some of the people who run the building are still in place, although some have been changed out, like the head chief and the head porter. Some of the secret service people also traditionally stay with the people they cover. I noted Michelle’s female agent was with her at an event last month while she was walking to her car.

          If the West Wing is leaking, it’s Trump people who are going it.

          1. I think there are some holdovers at NSC. But from what I’ve heard they are career staff that were asked to stay on until a replacement could be hired. The transition botched the hiring process and didn’t start vetting people in time and, as a result, there’s a rash of vacancies at NSC that, for national security purposes, the Administration felt it was unwise to just leave open.

            1. The NSC is not the White House staff, just like any cabinet staff member is not part of the White House staff. Most of the upper level people (including multi admin. 20 year plus career staff) in NSA, State, CIA, AG, FDA, HHS were forced to resign outright and each department has have their own set of appointments. The majority of the leaks about the president or meeting he had are coming directly from White House West Wing sources.

              1. NSC is in OEOB and is under the Executive Office of the President. But I won’t quibble on whether NSC staff work “at the White House.”

                You are right, however, that the leaks are coming from the Trump Administration. I think it’s a well known secret that Jared and Ivanka leak information that portrays them positively. It’s also a well known secret that every Brietbart “scoop” is coming from Bannon or a Bannon acolyte within the West Wing. I also would not be shocked if there are a good deal of leaks coming from the Pence camp. After all, he’s the one they sent out on TV to lie about Michael Flynn.

      1. Newt is headed to the Vatican, one would assume, since his wife is the new Ambassador to the Vatican. Hope for Newt’s sake he isnt enveloped by a pit of fire when he steps on the Vatican grounds.

        1. You mean Callista, who has admitted to having an affair with Newt while he was married? For the second time?
          Sounds like an appropriate pick.
          I wonder if she has to give up her job as President of Gingrich Productions.

  7. The story of the murdered DNC staffer has not been debunked – the online blog you linked is simply misinformation, Dave. Of course the family of Seth Rich has been sensitive to speculation that he could have leaked emails damaging to the DNC, since he was murdered in 2016 during the height of the presidential campaign in a police case that remains unsolved to this day.

    An FBI forensic report of Rich’s computer — generated within 96 hours after Rich’s murder — showed he made contact with WikiLeaks through Gavin MacFadyen, a now-deceased American investigative reporter, documentary filmmaker, and director of WikiLeaks who was living in London at the time, according to federal sources. Those emails are in the hands of the FBI, while his unsolved murder is in the hands of the Washington Police Department.

    Instead of people with their hair on fire, running into plate glass windows yelling “Russia!” with no substantiation, these are 2 factual cases. The public and Congress need to press the FBI to finish the investigation on Rich’s computer and report out, along with pressing the DC Police Dept. to apply all effort to solving his murder. Seth Rich deserves both, and so do the American people.


      In a message to Newsweek on Tuesday, Wheeler said the Fox News report was misleading and that his information was secondhand from that “federal investigator.” “I’ve never, ever seen Seth Rich’s computer, nor have I talked with the federal investigator,” he wrote in a message. “I think it is likely that there is information on the computer that can assist us in the investigation,” he said, “but short of that, I have nothing firsthand.” He added, “I’m just going off of what the federal investigator says.”

      But on Wednesday, Wheeler tells Newsweek he is not surprised to hear that the FBI is not involved in the case, and he says the Washington police department had told him the same thing. “I’ve been told that a couple of times, that they’re not involved,” he says. The police referred inquiries about FBI involvement to the FBI.

      Speaking with Newsweek on Wednesday, Braud Bauman, the family’s representative, says he also has knowledge that the FBI is not investigating Rich’s murder. “We have said all along that the fundamental facts that underline yesterday’s story were false,including the FBI’s investigation, which does not exist, and their role in ever having, seeing or otherwise possessing computer equipment or other equipment that belonged to Seth Rich, either in a personal or professional capacity,” he says.

      This is fake news. It has been debunked. People that continue to spread it absolutely disgust me.

      1. ACP, I agree – people who spread fake news absolutely disgust me. Case in point, the “Russia! Russia!” conspiracy nuts who monopolize the public square like Dr. Strangelove clones. On the Rich story, two conflicting versions seem to hinge on whether one chooses to believe Newsweek’s 2nd hand and/or anonymous sources, or the Fox News sources. That’s why the public needs a definitive statement from a real, named FBI person regarding Seth Rich’s computer and any information in their hands regarding that. Of course they do not investigate his murder – that’s police territory.

        Rich, 27, was gunned down while walking home from a bar in Washington, D.C., on July 10, 2016. Police found that he still had his credit cards, wallet and phone on him. So it definitely wasn’t robbery. No one can deny that the DC police need to apply some elbow grease to solving his murder and punishing whoever killed him.

        From the article linked also:
        “Less than two weeks after his death, on July 22, WikiLeaks released 44,053 emails and 17,761 attachments belonging to the DNC, the same amount Rich is said to have sent MacFadyen. Conspiracy theorists alleged that Rich was responsible for the emails dump and that Clinton or the DNC had ordered a hit on him. When WikiLeaks said it was offering $20,000 for information leading to a conviction in the case, conspiracy theorists viewed that as possible evidence that Rich was the leaker. ”

        I’ve seen Assange interviewed about this several times, and he refuses to actually name *any* WikiLeaks contributors, is very protective for the sake of all his informants. But the above action surrounding Rich’s murder speaks louder than words.

        1. Newsweek cited the family and Wheeler, the investigator Fox News relied upon in its report. Both said there is no FBI investigation. Yet somehow, you have the audacity to say that Newsweek is relying on “2nd hand and/or anonymous sources.” Incredible.

          I don’t know what brand of paint you’re huffing, but I think you’re so far off the deep end that no amount of actual fact is going to save you.

          1. You mean “actual facts ” like a year long investigation by two congressional committees that have provided literally jack
            sh*t? That doesn’t stop you lemmings from bellowing 24-7 “Russia, Russia, Russia!” Gotta keep up That Narrative!!!

            1. 1) This is about Russia, now?

              2) The House investigation started in late January. The Senate’s started after that. Either you don’t understand the concept of “years” or you just don’t have any actual clue what’s happening. I’m leaning towards the latter but not ruling out the former.

              3) The House investigation was prompted by a joint CIA/FBI/NSA intel report that detailed the ways in which Russia involved itself in the American election and the ways in which it follows a pattern Russia has used in Ukraine, Georgia, and a number of other states in Eastern Europe. But, like you said “jack sh*t.”

              4) You realize that counterintelligence investigations (which is what the FBI is doing) and Congressional investigations take time, right? I mean, you would think that someone who obsesses over the 47 separate Benghazi committees to the extent that you do understands that these things take time and that a smoking gun may not always reveal itself within the first 5 months. After all, we’re all still searching for the gun Hillary used to kill Vince Foster, right?

              5) The President of the United States fired the director of the FBI because of the ongoing FBI investigation into possible connections between his campaign and Russian state actors. Does that mean there was collusion? No. Is that something innocent people do? Not usually.

              6) The former National Security Adviser, who has already admitted that he lied about being on the payroll of the Turkish government and lied about meetings with Russian officials during the campaign, is invoking the Fifth Amendment to avoid testifying before Congress. Does that mean he colluded with Russia? No. Is it something innocent people do? According to your boy Trump, only guilty people plead the 5th.

                1. The FBI’s investigation purportedly started a year ago. As a matter of actual, substantive fact the House and Senate investigations have not gone on for a year. Which is what you said. If you don’t care enough to get the facts right, why should I have to do your work for you in my response?

                  As for the FBI investigation, the length of time doesn’t diminish the likelihood of collusion. Just because the FBI has been investigating my Ponzi scheme for 14 months and hasn’t brought charges doesn’t mean I’m innocent.

                  1. “Actual, substantive fact” Gasppppppppppppppp…. LOL!
                    Too-may-to/ to-maah-toh. An official inquiry has been going on since the Summer of ’16. How’s that Mrs. Wormwood? But like Linus, my alter ego with The Pumpkin, “the Great Pumpkin will come!!”….or in your case, “the Collusion will be proven!!!!,” you sobbingly whisper into your pillow each night before bed…

                    1. I have no expectations collusion will be proven. I do think Russia involved itself in this election (something the intel community has already corroborated) and I think that there is smoke around certain members of Trump’s orbit. However, I don’t think Trump is smart enough to carry out a plot so sophisticated (something his recent divulging of sensitive intel demonstrates). Of course Trump doesn’t think there’s any collusion, why would you tell the guy most likely to blab about it?

              1. Serious question: Do you think Flynn took the 5th because he’s protecting Trump on the Collusion Hoax – or – because he didn’t disclose his work /payment received by a foreign government and not being truthful about that on his security paperwork?

                And do you actually think Trump was on the horn to some Boris Baddenoff during the course of the campaign saying to the effect of “We’d appreciate your help in boning Hillary and throwing public opinion and the election to me?”

                1. I don’t know what happened, but I know what will happen. Even if the (legal) investigations find rock solid, airtight, multiple verifications of collusion, some will still say it is all fabricated and fake.
                  Which is of course the best case outcome for anyone who would want to disrupt our political system.

                2. As mentioned above, I don’t think Trump was directly involved, he isn’t smart or disciplined enough.

                  I don’t think Flynn is invoking the 5th Amendment because of a failure to disclose his association with Turkey or Russia, there’s enough paper trail there that prosecutors wouldn’t need his testimony. If I were Flynn, the testimony I would want to avoid would arise out of questions regarding what actions he may have taken on behalf of Turkey and/or Russia.

          2. Back at you, ACP. It appears you’re too immersed in the false narrative to recognize a fact when you see one. The “family and Wheeler” are neither the FBI nor the DC Police Dept. Those are the two official entities that can give us facts. And the nuanced language of the articles actually said there is no FBI investigation into Rich’s murder. It did not deny the fact of his computer and its contents, which are in FBI custody. Logic dictates that the feebies are doing something with it – I think the term would be “investigating” the computer and all those emails. We just need a report on that from them, and the identity of the murderer from the P/D.

            All this online “he said, she said” flying around has obviously addled your brain. Or maybe whatever kind of glue you’re huffing. Go relax and have a good evening.

      1. And everybody knows snopes is SO reliable…..
        It’s all over the internet, so just do some actual digging for yourself, my good man! I even read something about in the ajc a while back. It all blurs on me now. But sort out things that are actually verifiable, not just “it was reported” or “according to sources” or “a friend of the family said” etc. etc. etc.

        Bottom line, a young DNC staffer was murdered a year ago and nobody has been charged with the crime. His computer has communications with WikiLeaks on it, DNC emails transmitted, the exact number that were released 2 weeks after his death. And WikiLeaks put up a reward for anyone finding his killer. If “somebody might have talked to a Russian sometime” is enough to create such a public hew and cry about, along with spending what will be millions of tax dollars to investigate and debunk, then solving this crime and finding the killer and their motive certainly should be a priority.

        But, oh wait – that might prove all the hysteria concerning Russia flat out wrong and simply a smoke screen. Move on, nothing to see here.

        1. How does it prove Russia is a “smoke screen.” Did Rich also leak John Podesta’s personal emails? Did Rich operate a large number of fake social media accounts for the purpose of manipulating search results? Like, you realize Russian involvement in the election went beyond the DNC hack, right? I would suggest you go read the intelligence report or listen to Senate testimony on how Russia uses social media and cyberwarfare techniques to influence elections in Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, etc. Fair warning, it probably isn’t available on or Gateway Pundit.

  8. …and Sally, no one has seen the forensics of the computer nor do they know if any was done. This isnt even an active investigation with the FBI. Oh and about that private investigator…

    Although the Fox report claims Wheeler is a private investigator, a search for Wheeler’s name on the public lookup tool for licenses in Washington D.C. yields no results. We also checked for a license under his name in Maryland, where his firm Capitol Investigations is based. This search also yielded no results. When we asked MPD whether he was indeed a homicide detective with the department, they only confirmed he once worked there starting in 1990. He was dismissed by the department in 1995, but a spokesman did not explain why.

    So, this is a full on conspiracy theory that you so callously cling to despite the grieving family asking that it stop. Your account is not true. Just stop

    If thats not enough…maybe the guys at RedState will convince you

    1. Yeah, redstate – that’s ol’ Never Trumper, Eric Erickson and his crew.

      Reality is that we don’t know what is true, and that’s the problem. It looks like just another cover-up by the libtards, who are using the family to their own purposes. And discussing it on this blog certainly is not affecting anything in Washington; the FBI will make a statement about his computer’s contents when they get good and ready.

      But sunshine is the best sanitizer, and I’d just like to see some attention given by the Police Dept. toward finding out the facts and reporting them publicly. I’ll bet that Rich’s family would be extremely grateful if his murderer were caught and brought to justice.

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