Morning Reads – Thursday, May 18, 2017

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On this date in 1896, the US Supreme court upheld the “separate but equal” policy in the Plessy vs. Ferguson decision. The ruling was overturned 58 years later with Brown vs. Board of Education.


Jimmy Carter

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4 thoughts on “Morning Reads – Thursday, May 18, 2017”

  1. I know this is insensitive & cynical even as I type it.
    “Georgia schools and the conundrum of increased teacher benefits” or “Cost of winning teachers’ votes increasing to unsustainable levels”

  2. It was enlightening to spend a lot of time recently engaging people in Europe and around the Mediterranean along with attending lectures from other perspectives. The universal opinion of the working folks is our governments are failing us, politicians are vile, becoming increasingly intrusive in our lives and we are saddled with supporting the least dirty.

    Locally, spending $30 million to elect a house member, leveraging for public pay increases, adding controls for the compliant only, failing to enforce and attacking the other party like a rabid squirrel is a guarantee our expectations of sound public services are not forthcoming. We can’t agree on what government’s role in our lives is.

    The dollar is strong and this is a wonderful time to get out of our cocoon for a bit of empirical learning in other parts of the world. If the worst case for us nationally is President Pence, it is a win for the Republic. Enjoy your summer.

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